The Eleven Minute Workout

The Eleven Minute Workout is an iOS app inspired by the Royal Canadian Airforce's 11 minute workout.

The 11 minute workout is a complete fitness plan, designed by the Royal Canadian Airforce in the 1950s, to help everyone from workout novices to airforce personnel keep in shape in just 11 minutes a day. The plan uses high intensity intervals, requiring only your own bodyweight, to get spectacular results in a short time.

The app features the original images from the public domain 11 minute workout to give you the look and feel of the original 1950's pamphlet with all of the conveniences of an iOS app.

Screenshot of the level 6 overview screen

About the Program

The program is a set of 6 progressively harder workouts. Each workout has 5 exercises.

The first exercise is a 2-minute toe-touching warmup. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th exercises are strength-training moves like situps, plyometric pushups, and supermans. The 5th exercise challenges your cardiovascular endurance, and it gives you a choice. You can do a variation on a stationary run for 6 minutes, and that's your 11 minute workout, or you can run or walk a distance for as long as that takes.


  • All 30 exercises are animated, so you'll always know what to do and how to do it.
  • You can set a daily reminder, so you never miss a workout
  • The app design uses the original artwork from the 1950s pamphlet.
  • The Eleven Minute Workout tracks your progress, so you can see how far you've come.
  • Count-up and Count-down timers are included.
  • You can stop and resume your workout, so interruptions are no excuse to quit.
  • The first workout level is free, and the others are included with a single in-app purchase.

Sample Exercises

  • Bicycle Situps
  • Plyometric Pushups
  • Stationary Run with Jack Jumps
  • Superman
  • Run 1 Mile
  • Around the World Toe Touches with Circle Backbend


Screenshot of the level 6 overview
Screenshot of workout 1, exercise 1
Screenshot of one of the progress pages

Screenshot of level 5 opening workout page
Screenshot the more-information dialog that shows how to perform an exercise.
Screenshot of one of the progress pages


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